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Here we go again...

What feels like ages ago, I launched a blog on this site. Like most blogs, I created one post and gave up. My original mindset was to do a weekly post which quickly became overwhelming and lead to failure. What I'll be doing this time around is posting whenever I feel like it. Good topics that haven't already been done are hard to come by.

Another reason I'm starting this back up is the need to share my stories, opinions and tips outside of social media. Social media is great for quick bites of content but not for full-blown feasts.

That is all for now but I'll be talking about my general opinions of photography in my next post. I took a break from taking photos over the summer and learned a lot of valuable lessons. I'm excited share these lessons with you guys.

Because I didn't leave much on the table in terms of value in this first blog article, I'll leave you guys with my favorite quote.

An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.
— G.K Chesterton on running after one's hat

Now go out and find some adventures within your day-to-day routine. Stay tuned for more!